Matched Betting – Beginner’s Guide to the profitable strategy

If you have been looking for ways to make some extra money, you will have come across matched betting. Many people shy away from this because of the association with gambling, but that can be a mistake. Matched betting is 100% risk free system unlike normal betting. The only “risk” in the system is human flaws, meaning that if you don’t do it correct, you can lose your money.

What Is Matched Betting?

Before you look at plying any bets, you need to know what no risk matched betting is. Matched betting is a betting technique that mathematically guarantees a profit from bets. You will make use of the promotions offered by the betting companies to achieve this. 

All bookmakers have offers to get people to place more bets. Of course, there are terms and conditions for all these offers that you need to be aware of. When you meet these terms, you will often receive a free bet which you use to make a profit. 

Matched Betting Terminology

Before you can look at a matched betting guide, you need to understand the basic terminology. The most important terms refer to the two bets that you need to place to make a profit. These are the back and lay bets. 

The back bet is the one you play for a certain outcome. This will be betting that team A is going to win. If this bet is correct, you will win and get your winnings. However, if team A loses or the game is a draw, you will lose the bet and your stakes. It is possible to place a back bet with any bookmaker. 

The lay bet is when you bet against a certain outcome. This means that you are betting that team A will not win. If the team loses or the game is a draw, you will win the bet. This type of bet can only be placed with betting exchanges such as Betfair Exchange or Smarkets and not the regular bookmakers. 

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Matched Betting Guide

Now you understand the basic terminology, you can look at how to place your bets. The first step is to sign up with a betting exchange. There are a few betting exchanges you can use including Matchbook and Betfair exchange

After you have your account set up, you need to look for a bookmaker who has a promotion. Most bookmakers will have a promotion at any time, but you should choose one with a low qualifying bet. The qualifying bet is the one you need to place to get the free bet in the promotion. Once you have found the bookmaker, you need to create an account with them. 

You now need to find and place your qualifying bet. It is generally recommended that you look for popular markets such as horse racing because of market liquidity. If you choose a game between team A and team C, you need to note the odds. 

There are many free bet promotions that have odds requirements for the qualifying bet. In these cases, you will need to place a bet at certain odds or higher. You may also be restricted to the betting market you can choose. 

It is best to work with decimal odds for this. The odds offered by the bookmaker should be as close as possible to that offered by the exchange. When you find close odds, you need to back bet with the bookmaker and lay bet with the exchange. 

After the game you bet on has ended, you will be able to claim your free bet. This will often be placed in your account automatically. Once you have the free bet, you need to find and place a new bet. 

When placing the free bet, it is best to use higher odds to maximize your profits. Of course, you will need enough money in your exchange account to cover the liability of the bet. The odds for the bets will need to be as close as possible for this bet as well. 

Once you have found the bet, you need to complete both bets with the bookmaker and exchange. The money you make from this bet will be profit. After the game has ended, you can withdraw the profit you have made.

How Much Can You Make From No Risk Matched Betting?

Knowing the process is important, but you also need to know how much you can make from matched betting. This will vary depending on the capital you start with and how many bets you place. It has been calculated that for every matched bet, 95% of the free bet value will be pure profit. 

This is due to most exchanges having a 5% commission on all winnings. You may also lose a small amount on the qualifying bet, depending on how close the odds are. If you are dedicated to your matched betting, it is possible to make hundreds each month. 

Who Should Look At This Betting System

Anyone can look at no risk matched betting because there is theoretically no risk, as the name implies. Of course, if you have any gambling problems, you should probably not try this. Student matched betting is very common because it is an easier way to make some extra money while studying. I made a fortune of student matched betting while taking my bachelor degree. As long as you are over the legal gambling age and able to legally open betting accounts, you can try matched betting. 

Using An Oddsmatcher

If you are going to try matched betting, it is recommended that you use an oddsmatcher. These are pieces of software that check the odds on all the bookmakers and exchanges for you. They will also help you calculate the lay bet you need to make and the liability of your bets. These tools will also tell you the approximate profit you are going to make based on the odds and amount of the bet. 

Matched betting is something that a lot of people do each month to make extra money. Before you start looking at gets, you need to read a detailed matched betting guide. This will ensure you do everything correctly and make the profit that you want from your bets.

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