Bookmaker Free bets and Bet Offers

These days there is a lot of competition among betting sites. They want to attract new business. To do this they will often offer free bets and bookmaker bet offers when you set up a new account, make a qualifying deposit and place a bet. This is designed to reward you for selecting a specific bookie and it also is to entice you to make a deposit and begin betting. Here we’ll take a look at some facts about the bookmaker start offer. 

The Most Common Bookmaker Customer Offer

There are several of these that you might find offered but the most common one is the sign up free bet. This is an offer designed to get you to sign up. The welcome bonus can be anything but it typically will add a percentage of money to whatever min deposit you make. This bonus amount can be anywhere from 50% to as much as 200%. 

Part of this welcome bonus will often include other incentives to start taking action. As an example, a bonus could be available if you wager a certain amount. You may be offered a risk free bet as part of the bonus. There are even some scenarios where they will offer you your first bet stake back, if you lose it. A welcome bonus can include the bookie matching whatever stake you put up. This means if you put up $25 then it could be matched and your stake would then be $50. However, there are some wagering requirements you need to meet before the bonus amount of $25 are turned in to real money you can withdraw.

You might find that this bonus does restrict the total stake you can put up and have it matched. This means if you wanted to put up $500 so it’d be matched for a total of $1,000 it wouldn’t be allowed. They might also have some restrictions regarding the odds available on the bet you place. Common restrictions might include min odds, which require the odds to be at least 1.5 or 2.0. In continuation, your chosen payment method could have negative consequences. A debit card, for instance might not always qualify you for the offer and you’ll have to use a credit card. Lastly, remember to use the promo code the betting sites are using, without it you aren’t qualified for the bonus.

What Are Free Bets?

A free bet might at first appear to be similar to a 100% stake bonus but this will be divided up into a number of free bets instead of being a lump sum bonus. An example of this would be if you made a $50 bet you could then make 5 $10 free bets. You’ll want to check the terms and conditions for time restrictions as they are common with this type of free bet and typically have expiration dates. The next free bet won’t be available until a certain date. The same goes with min odds, payment methods, qualifying bet.

Usually if one is valid, the others will not yet be available. Once the current bet expires then the next bet will become available. The purpose of this type of bonus is to encourage participants to come back to the site more often and bet. The main thing to remember is that these bonuses can be very enjoyable but do remember that they are there to entice you to start placing bets. But consider it as a risk free bet you can play around with.

Get A Bonus/ Free Bet For Winning Your First Bet

Bookies like offering a bonus or a risk free free bet for winning your first bet. This is because it not only encourages you to make that first bet but it also puts the thought in your mind that you just might win. Anyone who likes to gamble wants to win and it is an encouraging thought. If you win it is good not only for you but the bookie because it will almost certainly mean that you’ll come back and bet again. 

Getting you to come back and getting into the routine of placing bets is what the bookie wants. For this reason, they want to reward you and encourage you to place a winning bet. When you get that first win and you get a bonus for it, it’s good for you and for the bookie.

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Bonus For Making An Initial Qualifying Deposit

This is a bonus that had been offered a lot but is becoming a little more scarce than some other bonuses. This one gives you a bonus that is on top of the initial deposit that you make when you first sign up. It is usually a percentage of however much you deposit up to a set maximum bonus amount. An example of this would be if you are allowed to make an initial deposit of up to $200 and you would get a 50% bonus against that deposit.

Qualifying bets?

Some of the common conditions that are found with this type of bonus include having a minimum amount of bets that you will need to make using your deposit and bonus. Those bets will need to be made before you can withdraw your funds in real money. Even so, if you can find a bookie that is still offering this type of free bet it’s one that betters like a lot. Again, remember to read the terms in regard to the payment method, minimum deposit, minimum odds and general info about a qualifying bet. Exclusions apply regarding the minimum bet amount at some betting sites. For instance, Jetbull currently have a customer offer where there’s a max limit of your stake that will be included in the wagering requirement. If you don’t comply to these requirements, you’ll have your bets excluded.

How Are Free Bets Different From A Regular Bet?

A free bet is made with money that the bookmakers credits to your account. These bet credits can usually be applied to certain sports betting markets or a specific type of bet. One of the best points of this type of bet is the fact that if you lose, you’re not actually losing any money out of your own pocket because it’s bet credits. It is important to realize that one difference in bet types is that should you win, you’re only given back the money you won and not the original bet placed.

With a normal bet, you would put up a certain amount. As an example, you might bet $50 which you would have to put up as a stake. If you win you’ll get your stake back plus your winnings. If you win a bet placed using bet credits from a free bet you will get your winnings but there’s no stake that comes back to you, since it’s a Free bet. This means that even though you might have placed a $20 or $50 free bet using bet credits available, you’ll get your winnings but not that original amount. 

A bookmaker offer and free bet are great for someone just signing up and it’s a great way for the bookie to attract new customers. Taking advantage of these bonuses makes it fun and easy to get started and it often gives the initial motivation to feel confident in making that first bet. You will find that these bonuses are quite normal when you’re signing up for the first time.

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